more photos from my phone

covert operations


nanny cam at Kait and Sheila's place

found and lost this immediately

i was chillin on these steps on St. Marks and this homeless dude
was tryin to roll a spliff in gay porn so i did my good deed for the day and gave him a few papers

Stefano's back in ny

some girl got hit by a car like a second before i looked out the window
i actually heard the noise and saw the girl fall to the ground

saw Shawn in max fish the other day. weird

went to this random video shoot. there was a full open bar that included 40's of O.E.

i don't even know what this video was for or who the dude rappin was


there was a lil John look alike at the spot

lurkin at slim's again with Jasonwear

rooster sauce goes well with everything apparently

some dude crowd surfin at the fish. they carried him from the front door to the back of the whole bar
i forgot what song was playin

went over to Niki's place. her roommate forgot something on the living room floor

blood bath

got hit in the head with a bottle recently

i just had to jump