after the union sesh, i went to Sarah's apt to pre-game before this party
according to that clock in the b/g, Dill's b-day is in two hours and forty five minutes
"let me help you with that"
they were playin west coast music all night
this girl reminds me of Roxy right here
i don't even know what's going on here. i don't really remember this. i do
remember that i was kinda bummed all night for some reason. then i borrowed
some Johnny Walker from Sarah then i started feelin good
i'm pretty sure something like this was being said here:
"so you like being a '
bad gurl' eh?"
Chris got spit on, and somebody other than Sheila did it
btw, nice patch work
i went to celebrate Dillan's birth the next day but my camera was
dead so this was the only photo i got to take
please say if I’m way out of line