i went out to the city to meet up with Jim
Alex Choonoo was there

so was Taji

Rob and Marvin


we skated this bump to can for a min

this Wendys had flies

cell-phone photography

"now that's niggeritous" --Choonoo

after the fuel intake we skated some spots on South st.
gap to lipslide

my board got flakey

after South st. we ventured over to Taji's house

we got hooked on this game called "Shoot the Moon"

Taji was killin it

footy capture

tea time

i won twice

"good footy, ROARRRRRR!" --Tiger

after the antics there was a gnar flatbar sesh

elevator antics

stragglers get left behind

after Taji's, me and Choonoo ventured to St. Marks to see his college buddies

you know i wanna do it again