i finally got my charger so i'm able to take photos again

today was the official premere of "Niggas with Skateboards"
the place was packed

Joe Sin

Bryon's walking again


Errol's back from Germany, just in time

everyone was there


Lil Joey

Joseph and his sister

Pat with the official Flipmode white t


there were some Long Island heads there too
Billy Lynch

"i got that snow"

Andre blows kisses

the video was supposed to start at 8 but the host made Stef start it as soon as he got there
then he made everyone leave. Peter and I were furious

most people had no destinations so there was a huge mass of people standing around in the cold

keeping warm

Kevin reps LOLA

then it started raining stickers

a few people showed up at 8 expecting to see the video

Gully Korpz

we decided that since nobody really got the chance to enjoy the video because all the talking and such
we would watch it over at Erik's house. he agreed

baby gangsta

after the video we had a lil late night sesh

and if she likes i'll tell her lies