yesterday night:

David a.k.a Jeff

we played Scatagory

everybody loves Michelle

three man

i'm guessing this is where it all ended for me

sleeping quarters? i didn't wake up here
when i went to use the bathroom in the morning i started to feel faint and everything started turning white
i had to cut my piss short and head back to sleep but i couldn't walk and i just passed out and woke up in a pile of laundry

later on i called Jim and met up with Peter and everyone in the city

if you go to the Banks, that Transworld is probably still sitting there.
i've lost more things at the Banks than anywhere else


Lil Matt

when we got to the rail, it was totally deserted. then all these lurkers came out of nowhere

Nick - bs smith

smoke that filter!

Pat's shirt had some sort of weird dent in it

after BK, we ventured over to Ritz Carlton, then Battery. on the way out, there was this construction site

photo: Patrick Murray

upon leaving we noticed this sign on the fence

onward to MLK

nice kicks

we met up with Leo and Billy

i don't know either