The day before:


flash the people arguing in the car

mashed potatoes

this happened three days ago and it's sad because these potatoes are probably still there

good aim?


pudding aka failure #1

then i tried to fry some rice because there aren't any Chinese restaurants where Reg lives
i didn't know you were supposed to boil it first. i ate it anyway though

attempt #2 plus blue food coloring

i didn't boil the rice enough but, again, i ate it anyway
i got sick


the next day, i got a call from Mark to go skate three block
Jim was there


fs board (angle #1)

fs board (angle #2)

Mark tried kf front board

when i got home, people got drunk

and started fighting


met up with Mark

back to three block. no rail skating today



after three block, we ventured over to Temple

fs 180


after Temple, we ventured over to Drexel

Mark and his cool shades

bs feeble

bs lipslide

bs feeble
after here, we went looking for some ledge spot but found this instead:

rock to fakie

blunt to fakie

time to go

on our way home, we passed by a polejam (which i've been dieing to skate forever) and it started raining

who cares
i'm square