random random

went to darkroom the other night. niggas still wear their jeans like this?



jesus came thru to bless the situation


smoked a spliff with this homeless dude. he thought i was legitimately crazy

woke up on the train

skate night situations


this was happening

i almost didn't notice this. it was that kind of night

cory's soul

tryin to ask for a drink

went to the premiere of ninjasonik's new video "moshpit"

picture party

Talon had a cool tatty

mad peeps showed

Ak made the music happen

i shot about two hundred photos so that narrows it down to about four good ones
there were one hundred and ten photogs there so i didn't feel the need to try rly

there were these weird photos up on the wall


i can do all of one trick
you would think i ask people to shoot my photo. i'm just like "hey can you hold this for a min" and niggas just start snappin away

color coordinate with your loko

count the flipped birdies on this site

went to lit after the premiere

Igor is bored

it was the day of young Rob's birth

ran into Haruka outside

SB ate himself. kinda looks like he's got on a silly little hat

everyone loves you