wait. . . is that the. . . is that. . . THE SUN?!?!?

it's nice out, guys. don't waste anytime sitting around.
i met up with everyone at MLK (on time)

peter's new shows are quite nice. when you're done marveling at them, give this a look:
you know what i hate? part 1

mad heads

day job

we actually got kicked out of MLK on arrival so we ventured over to that bench/manual spot we found


we ended up back at MLK. it was becoming another one of those all day one-spot-seshes

Brennen (nice fro) and his friend


Peter's camera battery died so we went to starbucks to charge it

after the charge we furthered our skateventure

today was the day of the 5boro premere so i vacated early and ventured to the Autumn Bowl

the walkway toward the bowl was so dark and sketchey

when i got there, it was already crowded

look who it is


German Neives


in some after vid mingling, i ran into Taji

get gnar

Robert Lim

after some lurking, we (Vic, Bryon, and myself) decided to leave

not with out some drinks for the trip, of course

saw some familliar faces waiting for the train

for some reason we ended up at Union and not at home