i know these photos are hella outdated and you've probably seen better versions somewhere else but i need to get them out there before i start shooting more (which i will at some point).

went with Yago to the spot to meet up with everyone

ninja 1

ninja 2

you get the idea

this was the first location.

the second location involved silly string and booze (which by the way we were running around with like it was legal)
any other time we would have all gotten open container tickets

i think this is the Deathset

i was in a bit of the video so i didn't get a chance to shoot to many photos
after we finished up this segment we were off to the roof shoot. antics on the way

then we arrived. saw some familiar faces


i was in fisheye close-up mode for some reason

mass coverage

Dirty Finger


wrecked equip

Johnny. this was such a nice day, everybody was smiling ear to ear

sparks tongue

Karen was health conscious


pretty chill accessory

Ninjasonik opened

good manners

Ed was doing an add for my fav beer

Teen Wolf

this looks like another alcohol ad


yet another ad. i don't even get paid for this shit

don't be fooled, this kid was in the middle of the pit tossin bodies

then it was time for the Deathset

i've been seeing some really good photos of this show, i wish i could have gotten better ones
the show was sick none the less

once again he has to show us
how close he can carry us to death