went to a party at the chicken hut the other day. it was pretty chill. shot some whatevs photos

saw Alex at the door. spiffy

Pizzle and Yago came through


familiar faces


more familiar faces

fairly wasted. Pizzle almost fell off the roof like 3 times

Ariana and Nayomi


there was a chairman lookalike there

every time i ran into Pizzle, he was in a worse state then when i left him


since i only lived a stones throw away form the party, we decided to take Pizzle to my apt and let him pass out on the couch and go back to the party

laying in the street

getting him home was no easy task

luckily Pat Murray had his vespa so we just strapped him on the back and drove him there

didn't get a chance to go back to the party, but ended up doing this instead

why do I even care
it's nothing