i dropped in on my friend Stephanie on the way to work
her dog's a pro skateboarder
i was feeling really sick at work but as soon as i left i felt great
i went to celebrate my friend Crystal's birth
happy birthday!
dudes were gettin' gnar
the moon and stars were in full effect tonight
D. Scott owns a mansion and a Yacht
Gangsta Gary
this dude upped the gnar by doing a front flip off the fridge
i didn't get a photo cuz i thought i was gonna catch him
he flew over me and into some innocent bystanders
he pulled out mass amounts of some girls hair on the way down
when i helped him up he handed me this
signin' autographs
dudes were rockin' out to the flipset anthem
Alex Porta in the house
Peter was the only Asian
mad heads in the green room
"wanna take this party back to my yacht?"
takin' shots and shit
i met this girl and asked her to borrow her glasses. i gave her some cash as
collateral and she totally robbed me and took the glasses back
if you put on those shades, you transformed into a different person
when i got home the next day i was so pissed because i
thought Stefano didn't come trough
psyched/not so psyched
that girl on the bottom left is the one that stuck me for my paper
i still love her though
gotta find her photos
Stef was surprised the entire time
i can see in the b/g that someone totally tagged
someone did a spell check
there's more if that's what you're here for