photos from Manny Mania at Les Skatepark the other day

Billy Rohan signing autographs.
i couldn't really get that close to the competition so i just shot a bunch of photos like this

familiar faces

boards half the size of this kids body


i thought this was pretty cool but im not sure if anyone else noticed because he's so short

this kid was pretty much awestruck at Mike-Mo for a cool minute or so

gettin fed random weird looking fruit
this was a couple days ago and i'm not dead so i guess it was okay

Z-man (former known as Z-boy)be ballin!

Z-boy's alter ego Gavin

Joseph sign's autographs


look at this baby-ass nig

Shawn's a greaser now

whatever happened to

Seattle Steve recently had an appendectomy


Soren, jockin' my steez!

highest product toss ever

i got mine but i want more