haven't updated in hella long but i haven't been shooting either. i've got these three rolls of film i need to get developed
in the mean time i've got a bunch of random photos from the past few weeks

Slim got all bruised up at an Inepsy show

shot some head shots for Fiona

Billy shaved his head

i had to shoot photos at Bodega for this Capcom pre video game release

weird street fighter products

they made all the little kids read the rules aloud as they came through the door
shit was weird

apparently this kid is one of the best Street Fighter players in the world. everyone knew his name and people were videotaping his fights or whatevs

this is the other kid that's hella good at it. everyone was crowding around these guys when they were playing

Soren has a cool bike

Randy got stomped out by some luchador chick

had to shoot photos for Viva-Radio on Halloween

Pat Murray stopped by for a second. he's on that Glendale tip so i haven't seen him in a bit

"yo son we got some Dom P."

hell yeaaaa

i take it back cus i'm not sorry