early june

at some soho bar with Anthony, Randy and some random broads he met

drinkin on a rooftop

i'm pretty sure this is another night entirely. it was Japhet's birthday

happy birthday homey


i don't remember any of this. it could be because of the concussion that followed

Claudio and Paloma

Yamez was djin

not so psyched

very psyched

bud light ad

Hiro the jap smokes nigports

Emmy's feet

we probably set the record for taking the longest to cross the bridge
when we got to the other side it was night time

somethin like the warriors

after a shower and some pre-gamin it was back to gallery bar

Tim and Suga


randomly ended up at the fish with Stefano

Stef's main chicks


rooftop lurk with Noel. someone want's pussy for free

ran into Andrew who's back from Cali for good

peeped this on the bridge

rolled up on Sway for some free tequila

what was i waitin for