same shit different day/night/whatevs

it was pretty windy last week

Chloe had a tea party

matching hats

kannon switched up his style

old red

feeding toucan pinatas at skate nite

Dre cut his hair


krispy fresh

antics with milo and dan

young courtney

MDMBBC (milo and danny makin babies with black chicks)

young Reni

nigga shit


this dude is actually hailing a cab
it's totally coincidental that it looks like he's doing a haduken

this is how i make grilled cheese now

midtown randomness

west vill lurk

east river lurk
Aaron had a floppy disc on his chain (no homotis)



cool t bro

especial lady

now i'm just a
d.r.u.n.k s.o.b.