more phone photos. i'm pretty backed up but i'm tryin to get active with updates

Jeremy Jackson

lurked over to the LES for Tim's birthday

i forgot this dudes name, but you can probably tell why just by looking at this photo

stumbled into a porn shop on the way home
i'm disturbed because this actually exists


went to JFK to pick Amy up
check out the sign in the left hand corner

apparently Amy's a tight pants wearin ass ninja

can't believe this happened


linked up with Tui and Jess for the smoke sesh

Amy brought some Strongbow cider from the UK. this stuff is seriously blackout juice

english FAIL

bag 'o babies. you can't tell but this dude has on stupid shoes as well

who doesn't

lurked over to Ty from Team Robespierre's place

H thinks he's cool, rockin my shades

Totally Michael

Seattle Steve

Reg moved to brooklyn and puked his brains out


after Ty's place, we lurked over to the water

Liz in deep thought

this dude was trying so hard to keep his focus while meditating but we were making hella noise

still thinking

chuckin boulders

found this dude in a ditch on our way out

knew it was you all along