hella cellphone photos. fuck you, i'm lazy.

Gavin later'd his ankle trying to skate waste

dj Claudia

fly in my booze

Andrew had a going away party

Tui was scalpin people with the hatchet but we all decided
having that thing around a bunch of drunk fucks was a bad idea

Sieanna was hackin people too

bling bling


one of the many photos of someone pointing at shit

Julie came through

pirates and shit

Noel's a skinhead now

i think this broad wanted to be a pirate too, but she didn't have an eye patch

Mike giving someone the eww face

Davida and another homey. names escape me

look at this Mary Poppins in the face ass ninja

about 45 minutes later

you can get to heaven from Andrews living room


cookin up some eats

Amelia and her Michael Jackson tribute shirt

taking the PA back




you crashed at my apartment
you kept me up
and made me smile