i've been hurt and sick in bed for the past few days so these photos are a bit old
besides that, i'm still lazy

late night bbq at Max's house

ramp donations at Pat's crib. apparently it got stolen which really sucks because it was coming out so good and this is a major setback

got some skating in the other day

t-skirts R us

Shawn was imitating his favorite rapper

trying to get a bit more skating in the next day.we were trying to take the train downtown but there was a power outage
we chilled in the station for a bit because it was cooler down there then on the streets

pre es' game of skate situations at Homage

then the sun went down but streetlights didn't turn on

the next day i went to drop some photos off for Ed Zipco. more power outages

chilled at Brianna's crib later on with Iven


then it was daytime

she winks rainbows