some non-camera phone photos. these are from a bit ago though

chillin at Mike's apt. Hiro passed out

Mike and Danielle buggin out with the tape

Anton and Danielle teamed up


then all of a sudden a fight broke out. kinda saw it coming tho

"tell this dude to chill the fuck out"

Brian just chuggin on the side observin

a couple days after, i went with Claudio to see a show in b-more

when we got there, Ninjasonik was playing their last song

Venus, Jah and Johnny

these are a few shitty photos of the Black Lips. POPO played as well but i missed them too

it was a pretty good show even though there were mad young kids there
(meaning no real possibility of a good beer hunt)

Claudio and his girl

Z-boy uppin the 57


Jah was in the back on the smashitup tip

2/3 of ninjasonik

at this point i think Jah was holding the camera. i needed to find booze

Telli's not a big fan of Stella

are you coming out tonight?
pretend i am? well i just might