lurkin at the WESC store with Yamez. there was a garbage can full of beer

had to buy some socks

i love any bar you can smoke in



everybody does the middle finger thing

this dude was eating a cigarette

jamin outside

familiar faces at Don Pedro's

very public restroom

nice du

Max Headroom

saw a dead body the other day

it was during work. she was an old woman. the body wasn't covered initially but i didn't have my cam at first

this is a horrible photo but if you can't tell, the guys carrying the body are laughing

coffee cup boozin at the little italy fair

nip slip

found this and lost it the same night

king cobra killer

random rooftop situations

there were actually a ton of people there, but i couldn't see shit

night vision

back at Halsey


st. marks lurk with Gabe

more random rooftop situations

12th & A

this kid hit some girl in the face with a water balloon.

then like 3 little girls washed him up craze but i was across the st so i kinda missed it

but how hard do little girls hit so i guess he was all good
it looked crazy when they were kickin him in the face though

but is it really worth it