the day after the tequila binge

started off at Dobbin. we were filming for this vid, but we didn't stay for the whole shoot
i ended up being sick from the night before and puking on the street so i headed home early

old school

that was pretty much the end of my day. the next afternoon we ventured back in to Greenpoint for this show by the water


happy birthday you fuck

a bunch of cool bands played. this one dude did a tap dance routine

bro-in down

mad homeys came thru

Nick's farmers tan

the new japanther

we were skating this gnar-ass (no coping) setup while each band performed
one side of the quarter didn't completely touch the ground so you could get wrecked on the way up

every time the bike came back down from catching air, the ramp almost tipped over

after the show, we were all gonna go to Siren Fest but it was too late and by the time we would have gotten there it would have been over
so we all just went back to Dobbin (again) and drank hella booze in honor of Honor's birthday


chillin in Ed's new apt


after the drink sesh, we ventured over to the bridge party

gettin up

never go that route

how you gonna have monster truck wheels on your shopping cart?

the next day i went to a BBQ at Post Bike shop. Dj Schoolboy was killin it

familiar faces in the crowd


Steve and Mel

Antwan and his baby-ass beer

dude went from catching hella air to drunken salsa in the streets with his bro

Chris is a 50's newspaper boy

hella homeys came thru



i wish i could have shot a sequence of this. wallride 180 out

apparently Amy was on Steve's back and he dropped her

Bryant Park with Nayomi


Harold & Maude

i love lame ass group photos

Crew in queens

they were showing 24Hour Party People for free across from Mccarren.
they're playin Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on August 12th if anybody's interested

these look bootlegged but they're just this company out of the UK
it's basically the equivelent of Lay's. they make weird ass flavors though

truck surfin

more bud

crazy ass tall bike in my hallway

chillin with Tui. headed over to Hugs for the open bar

Glam puttin the MAC on

Honor and Matteo

"want some banana?"

i feel so unsure
as i take your hand
and lead you to the dance floor