some random phone photos from the past couple weeks

buggin out at Hope longue, i think it was someone's birthday

P Dot and 2way

good friend


this is the license plate on my car

Anton and Star City at Public Assembly

bodega lurkin

H, Mike and SB

AJ and Telli

puttin the MAC on her

found this on the way to AJ's crib

Tim = blazed

kinda looks like a painting

got them new Jordan's, kid!

b. burg bridge

somehow i ended up at Bembe after this wedding party, waste as fuck!
there was an unlimited supply of booze (psyched). in the end the host gave Amy and I like 5 bottles of wine. only 2 survived the night

dunno who the hell these people are

Bloody Mary's with Nick Kannon

Sterling Lagasse

Alex says, "smoke weed"

i listen

older bro

noticed this a while back. it's kinda crazy not seeing this
there's an article about it on Gothamist

this dude was runnin around in the streets in Union Sq. like he was a car. he was even doing hand signals

mad dog

chillin at Seattle Steve's place

cool shades, bro


Grandma Jah knitting socks


Jacob and Helena came to town for a bit

booze + bud = equilibrium

some old lady fell out of an SUV. i'm goin to hell


chillin at the VICE photo show. more photos here

familiar faces

there were a bunch of people there because of all the free Tequila

this dude had this hella weird outfit on. i don't remember much after this

it was pretty packed. peeps had to wait outside

take off that silly ass hat!

Nadnerb and Cathrine


i sent a letter and it said someday
we'll meet again on some crowded runway