got some hella old photos from the knitting factory when Ninjasonik played and got kicked out or whatever. you can read about the situation here

went to pick up Yago and Pat Murray for the sesh

some of these photos aren't rotated. i don't feel like doing it. cry about it

this website has too many photos featuring Pat Murray's penis

Anton played

Ja$onwear came out of hiding

Anton likes Heinekin


vermefug played too

this is what it looks like before you die

the actual chairman

when ninjasonik was playing the dudes at the knitting factory shut it down so they staged a sit in and people wouldn't leave.

Ja was yelling the lyrics to the songs because they shut the sound system down. it was pretty sick

eventually they just kicked everyone out. only half the people got their money back because
they threw out some bullshit about not having receipts or something

we were running around trying to find a place to party because the knitting factory sesh ended so early

rolling deep

Iven and Delilah got a ticket for doubling up

we lurked around a bunch trying to find somewhere to go, then ended up going to fire crotch's crib


it was pretty bro

actually, it was very bro

we were pretty drunk


i don't know where this is, but this is where i was when i woke up. jacketless and hatless

uhh. . . this is a random photo of what the situation in my room is

i'm yours