sites finally back up. woohoo. whatever. small update. got some photos from a shoot i did for Switch Mike out in Jersey. small story:
i actually thought it was gonna be like a joke or like something with skateboarders and shit so i got good and drunk before hand and
when i got there and his mom was there i was like "fuck". yea, so i'm drunk shooting photos and trying my hardest to be professional
this is something of a guest post. all words after this point are by Yago Santiago.
all professional photogs willing to assist you at any time...... sikkeee
Don't be fooled by innocence, she will kill you in your sleep.
broads just mad her siblings gonna get raised without gettin a beating to iron maiden
grillin' burgers
dude rides the light rail everyday, dont fuck with him.
white girls never know the true meaning of fun. poor guy
scumbag would be lightly describing this asshole
locked in a room for more then a hour would result in total debauchery
asshole needs to get a REAL job so he can stop using my computer to update this shitty webshit
new cover for Focus . . . nollie late front foot impossible . . . . . steez
if only he had finished the job peter would be 5 big bills richer.
the lens ain't no tickle me elmo you need to go to a kmart for that shit pedophile.
when did you start working canal street peter?
it must be getting late