photos from my phone from the past few days

woke up at a friends. they were filming a lil music video out front

chillin with Anton Glamb


linked up with Tui and Derrick the other day

hella cigs


noticed this the other day

art fag

lurked over to AJ's house. everyone was getting ready to hit up the park and play ball

baby ass nigga left his bottle behind

hella sweaty after playing like 3 half court games and runnin a full
we were puttin in work though

someone died in this room and nobody knew for like a week. she was old though

aj's crack pipe bong type thing

combination cig holder/lighter. awesome

went to the Liger Beat mag party at market hotel

got off the train at 6 am. old dudes knockin the shit out of each other


a little boy looking saw us kissing
he said, "Dirty people!" then he runs and cries and laughs