lurkin in greenpoint the other day. went to the house of vans

hadn't seen Brian in a bit

another face i haven't seen in a while

Carlos and Sarah



barge for booze

Matt on crutches

Sarah got her first tat

i mostly only stayed to see no age. i had to run to beauty bar straight after

everyone flipped their bracelets around to look like the vip ones

i was already blacked out by this time so i don't even know wtf here

Max had a real one. in the dark u couldn't really tell the diff

ran into Santiago on the way to beauty bar

whip it

from what i remember i got to beauty very late and very drunk
i think i got cut off almost immediately




there were a lot of people there actually

B Mice even came out

drinkin every beer BUT budweiser

Garth stylin on em

Pat and Bill


skelemingo on the way home

Liz and Sharon picked me up and we went to cyn lounge

it was max's bday so a bunch of people came out

Austen was in Blossom mode


Slim and Vicky

Sterlz and Tati

happy bday mang

Adriana was bartendin

young bronson

some nig spilled a whole drink on my foot

i found a tiki torch somewhere

dan and beerz

then my camera battery died

shot this with slims camera

we like the girls with
the cellophane chests