fuck this website. i might update more. i might not. PLEASE LIKE ME! whatevs. verbal by Yago
~oH mY gOd nYc GrAfFiTtI sOo cOoL~ !?!
yea i'd fuck her
how many fucking times do these kids skate here?
this dude will end up quitting skateboarding to become a full time prophet
FYI: nike started getting into visual correction.... next will be artificial limbs
this dude came from a far off country jumping boarders to better his life with skateboarding in america, he will be having a part in the
flipmode video and if he doesnt im going to fucking kill everyone involved including me.
add-id-das needs to get bought out by nike so they can get on the focal tip
besides playing with himself, he plays with pigeons
yea her too..
definitely fuck the chick to the left
hard at work
the snatchel of my cousins ex girlfriend fell into a pit of crypt clowns
you already know
what a scumbag
scumbag a what
stay drinkin'
lost your only chance