went skating downtown with a few heads the other day

skated with Derick a few days before. this line is came out good

it was a warm day as you can see

we linked up with our bro at starbucks

get smart

lots of caveman boardslides going down

Nolan with the fs board fresh off Wall St.

Kane likes bs feebles

BUY! . . . WAIT, NO . . . SELL!!!

fs flips for hella cheap

i maybe trying too hard with these captions. i'm having a good day
maybe i should go back to not having anything to say about anything

fun times on the quarter. it's not as steep now

scooter kids gettin gnar

ran into Logan

ended the night with some dumplings and a 12 pack of snapple

you try and make like this is so much fun
but we all know it to be quite contrary