went to see Derick for his b-day

happy birthday mang!

pbr in a bottle. Fawn is hella classy

more couple situations

Noel passes out anywhere

it was something of a mustache party

then there was this

"i'll fucking fight anyone, hit me you faggot!"

Reg was in town for the Trife premere

innocent bystanders

then Tracy popped

pretty gnar

steff's a gangsta

i'm either Hitler or Groucho Markx

Rich Uncle Pennybags

showin off the tattys

Holly likes taco's

Mike came back with a ticket for an open container
he was outside trying to break up another fight but he forgot he was holding his booze in his hand

Stefano's new setup

no idea why but i figured why not
i'm not even sure who took this photo

this town is so small
how could anybody not look you in the eyes
or wave as you drive by