i had to pay a 75 dollar littering fine

can we count?

later, i met up with everyone to skate


i had to get outta there quick to make it to work on time

later on, i rounded up some heads for the super late night sesh

uncomfortable situations

out of everyone, Kevin was having car sickness so he rode shotgun

Jim and Jenny

we got kicked out of the first spot real quick
this was the seccond stop of the night


f/s 180

kick-outs left and right

off to the next spot
Taji and Kevin skated this rail for a bit

we vacated this spot after a board hit a car

somehow, we made our way to the city

still in the christmas spirit

i managed to gather some energy to skate a few spots in the city so i stopped taking photos
we didn't get back to familliar surroundings untill 5AM


this could be a good time