i need to make a few bucks (to pay for a $75 littering fine) so i've been taking photos of kids with a Santa Claus.

most of the kids were excited to see him, except this little girl

after the Santa sesh, i ventured back to queens to pick up Derick and Peter

i dropped my mom's car off at her job and we made our way to Astoria

Peter's pockets are full of tobacco

"you would think, since it was closed, it would be clean"

first time i've seen Kevin in like a month

we warmed up at this spot for a sec, then ventured to this 7 rail

bs 5-0

* fs board

stop or go?

after the brief confusion, we got some eats at BK

"oups, i did it again?"

* = photo by Derick Z.

"...'cause sometimes you respect a girl so much, you don't want her to suck you"
"yea, like your mom" --Peter