met up with everyone in Chinatown

Pat, Tui, Stef, Billy, and Ray


after the sesh, we got some eats at Blimpie's
"bask in the magnificence of the triangle"

Billy got a haircut

Derick didn't. he's well on his way to the good old days of:

after some eats, we ventured over to this gap where Derick proceeded to get gnar


* nollie heel


steezy treflip

after the gap, Stef and I ventured over to Joe's
Joe had a mohawk

there were drinks there. i had a few


Stef had a few, too

everytime i poked the hole in the beer, it spewed up to the ceiling

oh yeaaa


running low

..4 with Joe

drip drip


after Joe's, me and Stef went to Sam's

she had all this epic shit written on her wall

bling bling

"suck my dick"

i stuck around for a bit after Stef left. after a drink i went with her to see a couple friends



good night ladies

* = photo taken by Billy Lynch

oh where would i begin