beer run with randy. ventured over to bk to kick it with the homeys i haven't chilled with in a bit

i was actually filming a bunch of stuff. gonna try to put together something one of these days

back to the city

beauty bar lurk

there was a marching band type situation passing by

pre irene

people stopped and shot photos of the line outside of the trader joes on 14th
it wasn't that serious

got the chance to test out this handle the other day

thought this lady had a peg leg

open whisk bar with cheryl, alicia and the random lurk in the b/g

people want to try my hat on sometimes

carmen sandiego

help with the steez

luke is moving to chi town so he had a party

compton was drummin along to the dj sets

then there was this


vicky shared her drink with me

bathroom situations

boo will get you when you're not lookin

gonna miss u mang

i'm having trouble