doubles with ren?.
kodak 400 @ 800 on ricoh gr1s in cuba then rollei 35 in new york. developed 04/18/21

more double exposures with ren?
kodak 400 @ 800 on rollei 35 then ricoh gr1s. developed 12/28/20

double exposures with ren?
Singapore and New York on a ricoh gr1s then rolled 35
No clue what film. developed 6/17/21

couple doubles. agfa 400 on a ricoh gr1s then olympus xa
processed 4/1/22

kodak 400 using an olympus xa and nikon f1
processed 7/29/21


here’s some more double exposures with rene and i
i know this site is mad outdated and straight confusing
if anyone, thanks for coming through

at some point a few years ago i decided to make a DOOM mask. rest in peace
i finally got around to it back in august 2020 with some help from the homies
i got an olympus stylus the same time and started testing it that night at frost. hp5

birthday yung

doubles from last july with rené around uk and bk. ricoh gr1 and rollei 35

more doubles with rené. agfa 400 on who knows what cameras
this is from january 2019

i’ve spent a lot of time at 17 frost over the years
so that’s the setting for most of the images i take



ektar 100 @ 800 using rollei 35
processed 12/15/20

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