nothin to do nowhere to go

expired fuji 800 @ 1600 using a rollei 35
processed 7/3/23


i remember being mad young in this bodega and my mom gave my older brother 5 dollars so i asked for money too.
she gave me one dollar so i threw a tantrum and ripped it up.
she righteously whupped my WHOLE ASS and i’ll never forget that or this bodega. good times

i put this film through a couple xrays without knowing. expired fuji 400 @ 800 using a miranda sensorex
processed 6/18/23

expired portra 160 at 800 or something (not sure because the numbers don’t add up) using an olympus xa
processed 5/6/23

still testing out the miranda sensorex i got from rene
it’s pretty sick because it has a waste level finder which i don’t have that actual attachment for but you can still look down and focus through the lens
i got like 11 rolls of film from the homie that expired just after i started shooting photos 19 years ago

expired fuji 800 pushed to an unknown iso. probably 1600. processed 5/6/23

roll the window down to throw out a whole ass bag of shit right next to the trash bin then get out the whip to take a piss
still in the wendys parking lot

also valid

this looks bugged out but what’s bugged about injecting more weed into your weed?

waste level finder for ants eye art shit. sounds like an instructional book

cinestill 800 @ 3200 using an olympus stylus then miranda sensorex
processed 3/31/23

one of the last times at rose with JP and right before i decided i should probably get new dev chems
xp2 pushed to 800 using an olympus stylus
processed 3/4/23

back when i first sold my digi gear i still wanted to shoot tunnels.
rene was trying to explain reciprocity failure to me
and i was definitely just yung, drunk and not really listening.
now i don’t drink and it’s hasn’t really helped much BUT
after years of not understanding i think i’ve gathered that: yes
less light means film will have to be exposed for longer
but if the power of the light source gets low enough,
the film physically isn’t hit by enough light particles to create an image.
or something.


fuji 400 @ 800 using what i’m pretty sure are two different cameras switching mid roll
processed 1/27/23

the shadowy figure here was a person playing with a steak knife
which is whatever until they disappeared and neither of us saw where they went

unknown b&w using an olympus xa
processed 1/2/23

first welding stand: rotting tree stump surrounded by dry leaves. safest.

finally got it done though

when i was moving, this OG from the hood noticed i had a welder and said he’d pay me to use it
i asked him to show me some basics and help me get a tall bike started instead
hp5 maybe? using an olympus xa.
processed 1/2/23

expired cvs 400 @ 1600 using an olympus xa

processed 7/27/22

wish i had my own shop


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