doubles with rené
upstate new york and not exactly sure where rené was.
looks like somewhere in the uk but also possibly somewhere in asia
kodak 400 using nikon f1 then olympus xa
developed 08/27/21

lurkin at blue park. i still skate. sometimes.
fuji 800 using an olympus stylus zoom
developed 7/29/21

i’m blessed to have met you Ak.

doubles with rené.
kodak 400 @ 800 on ricoh gr1s in cuba then rollei 35 in new york. developed 04/18/21

more double exposures with rené
kodak 400 @ 800 on rollei 35 then ricoh gr1s. developed 12/28/20

double exposures with rené
Singapore and New York on a ricoh gr1s then rolled 35
No clue what film. developed 6/17/21