Iven has cool shoes

anyway, i went to a BBQ on the Bodega roof

i don't know what the deal is with these images not rotating themselves but i'm too lazy to do it

DJ Bathroom Sex

Saralee got some new tattoos

Sarahlee and I were the only actual vegetarian's there but all the veggie stuff was gone
so we ate crazy shit like ketchup and mustard sandwiches

ketchup, bbq sauce and mustard. yummm

and finally, watermelon.

this reminds me of the type of photo you'd see on someone's photobucket who just came back from vacation

apparently orange juice in any type of beer (brewdriver) is the best shit you'll ever taste
it seems like today was all about mixing weird shit together. i heard people have been doing this for a while though


more weird mixtures

i gave up on trying to make up