last bit of phone photos (for now)

lurkin at Tui's place, blastin Hall & Oates

ABD in the AM

there was this bbq/show at that bike shop by Home Depot in Bedstuy. i forgot it's name

JP kannoned his hand somehow

Suga Slim and Ja$onwear

i love boozin out on the streets


Gavin and Siena


thanks to Nick for makin the show happen


Johnny Nelson


Soren, Dan and J-Wear

i went to the bathroom in chicken hut and ran across this

and this

tossin up the tires to see who would win $50 off a bike purchase
Dan won

Ed and Max



tripple fistin it


hiding behind the government

Japanther played too

sometimes Ian looks like he's gonna puke his lungs up

ran into Nick for a sec


kannon on my shoe

4th of July

i lurked over to Bushwick to chill with Tui


party at The Freaknik

the dark-skinned dude on the right popped
he was checkin people one by one on their way out the apt. apparently something got stolen

this is where things start getting blurry (memory wise)

Hiro and Jack Sun



art fag

Chachi is hella cool

last day chillin with Drew before he moved to Cali
we played this drinking game called On The Bus

best game ever

Rasta Alex

Rasta Drew or Crip Rasta Drew, whichever you prefer


got some shrooms as a gift. i threw em in a cheese sammach

Ninjas, Star City and Johnny Nelson at The Freaknik

after the show we lurked over to Jean's house

at first it was just a couple heads lurkin
then all these kids almost literally burst through the door then there was like 25 heads

it was pretty awesome cus half the kids were on acid and the other half were on shrooms
pushups in a garbage bag. i had a video but the file got corrupt

Curtis gets ABD horizontally
fuck it, i'm bout to start rappin

The Jap

where are those photos?

Lindsay Lohan

i never sleep, it seems

Jean's a Four Loko rep

Hitler the Explorer

this place was quite the mess on the way out

hell yea! ever run into the $5 ATM's?

linked up with Jeff the next day

we lurked over to Sway

fuck ya'll then!
this was some sign in a ice cream shop or something in the west village, i forget


Amy the Librarian

drankin on the train


Chachi never puts his tongue away

no idea when or where this is, but what i do know is that i was waste

somewhere in the city the next night

open bar at The Skinny, drankin Dirty Martini's

Anton Glambatron

somebody lost it

i found a place that fits tight
it feels small
but i won't get sad about it