i'm almost done with all these phone photos. i actually like shooting with my phone though
it seems less intrusive. i've finally gotten the chance to relax and work on photos so i've been able to update. actual camera photos coming soon

fun with magnets

i've seen a sawed-off shotgun before but never a sawed-off golf club

i'd hit it two times!

little tribute my nephew made

this snail was juiced up on caffeine

brain damage

getting the hell out of Queens

Claudio yaked up some King Cobra. baby-ass ninja couldn't hold his booze
i wish i still had that video of ANTHRAX shotgunning a 16oz Cobra and puking it right back up. twas pretty epic

lurked over to the Brooklyn Beauty Bar to catch some homeys dj'ing


Ty was pretty kannoned

puts in work

everyone lurked back to Ty's crib after the Beauty Bar sesh



sisterly love

anyone know anything about those post-it notes that are sometimes in the tunnels on the E line? somebody get back to me on that one admin@ninjastatus.com

Amy's legs got all effed up


they were shooting a movie by Happy Endings. god was there

kinda sucks sparks doesn't have caffeine in it anymore, but that shit will kill you anyway
and don't get me started on Four Loco. that shit will have you shaking the next day!

blunt sesh at Happy Endings

baby-face ass ninja

still can't believe this. bout to start riding my bike everywhere

chillin at Piano's with the homeys the other day. it started pouring

Aj double fistin' it with the bowl and the blunt

Jeremy and Kiel

i'm never gonna let this go

recession deals

running up $200 dollar tabs and then bouncin at Annex with Amy and Magda

Hiro the Jap was dj'ing

knocked out at mickey d's

those dudes must get so frustrated with all the drunk people coming in there at all hours. there's so many bars around that area

Aj's a fat bastard. a mc griddle with two slices of canadian bacon, sausage, egg, cheese and hella bbq sauce and ketchup

C Dubbs and his baby-ass oj

got this program to make panoramas


"somebody" threw a cake off the roof at this party i was at

but what i really want is a simple place
with no flashy clothes
cus you can't eat those