couple randoms

midtown lurk

it was hot


i'm sure everyone knows about Amy Winehouse by now

there was a block party in bushwick

Matt on the horn

young Glen with the "liquid cocaine"

Chris says fuck shoes

i think that's Rick James peeking through this mans shirt

this is after he pulled his pants up


young Strubz

this dude was serious

i thought this dude was drinkin milk. it was like 100 degrees

Steph and Robby



fan out

went to Tammany Hall (formally annex). Jah ,lil Ray and Gordon were djin on the lower level


there was a weird techno/house situation upstairs

it was good for the brew hunt

high five

i don't even think i used this drink ticket
what i do remember doing is going to the bar, getting a free shot, giving the bartender the 5 i found and telling him to give me back three
i took the shot, immediately forgot i told him to give me back three dollars and gave him the last three dollars i had

i don't wanna go to bed
the suns still shinin' in my head