i couldn't sleep last night so i just called up Sean and we headed to Coney
Island super early
i had to go to work after Coney, but i met up with Shawn and Reg after
tryin to up the special effects, like in Peter's blog
on the way home from Times Square, we ran into these two kids. they were conscious
at one point so i asked them if they were alright. the guy said that they had gotten into
a car accident earlier, so i asked him if he wanted me to call someone for help. he said
"like who". thats when i kinda got a little weirded out. then he asked me if i knew how to
get to some street in Brooklyn, mind you we're on the N line (which doesn't go to the
street they were trying to get to) in the opposite direction of Brooklyn.
i'm guessing they were on some sort of drugs. the girl kept scratching herself so i
assumed crack was their choice of poison. the guy had weird marks on the inside of
his arm where someone would shoot up heroin. i was afraid to at first, but i just took
these photos and left. i'm not sure where they were gonig or if they got there. i do
remember seeing the guy at Union Square once before and at a party in Williamsburg
you know it really won't suprise me if you're
a wreck by the age of fourteen
i don't know if you can see it, but on that train, it says "let's go yankees" and "let's go giants"
we headed out to the city to meet up with Darnell. he was chillin with Jamie Tate, in from the other side of the world
finally met up with these guys. we pretty much just lurked in Times Square the whole time
Shawn's eyes look a different color here