called peter up the other day and he told me to meet him at Columbus Park
this is all i saw when i got there

i called him up again then he told me to meet him elsewhere

i finally caught up to em at the spot

it's the new transformer shoe

it goes from complete mess to actual shoe in seconds!

we out

i got a call from Nate later on to work at Market Hotel so i met up with him
after that there was a Japanther/Ninjasonik show on the Williamsburg bridge

familiar faces

at first there was a cop scare, then the amp wasn't working properly so Jah decided to get things started on his own

if i'm not mistaken, this shirt is in one of two places:
1. at the bottom of the East River
2. laying on the track bed on the JMZ line

then things got officially started. Japanther was up first


they barely got the chance to play anything. just as the crowd was getting hella amped the cops showed up and shut it down
Nick (chiefmag) ended up getting arrested but was miraculously released the next morning even though it was friday at the time of arrest

from one moment
to the next