Ingmare picked me up after work for Skate Night
pre-game sesh at Kash's house
we get on the F and this lady gets on the train like "excuse me, do you have a mirror because i
put my makeup on without one". Amy gives her one and the lady is like "holy s**t can i borrow
some make up?". then she's like "i hope you're not getting off soon 'cause my face needs
alot of
familiar faces
Peter thrives on bgp's
we left after happy-hour ended to hit up this other bar. i
misunderstood Rodney though. he actually said 'there isn't open
bar at that other spot' so when we got there i just hit up the
restroom. i get there like 'yo DJ, where the bathroom at?!' then i
noticed who it was. total fan out status
quick beer run, then Danny and me chilled on this
roof before we headed to Happy Endings
we definitely didn't throw things at people from up there
somehow we ended up back at Fantana's because everyone from
there hadn't migrated to Happy Endings yet
sometimes you gotta let em' know before hand
Happy Endings was pretty populated. i don't remember doing
much there except for blowing out a candle and having the
melted wax fly into my face. great
children probably shouldn't play with fire