Christine's birthday was the other day, so i ventured out to Long Island to visit. so many b-days, it's like
birthday season or something
arts and crafts
and Guitar Hero!
i let Andrea control the cam for a bit so i could get gnar on the guitar
happy birthday
we bumped into a snail orgy on the way back to Andrea's
the next day was the back to the banks jam. i didn't take a lot of photos
i walked around trying to get photos of familiar faces but without them knowing
no one noticed except Dan, and he beat me up so i stopped sneaking around
signing autographs and such
maybe i did a lil bit more sneaking around
then we left and tried to get some skating done, but i was skating
so there aren't any photos of anyone doing anything except sweating.
Dan Dzyurak - transfer
wouldn't it be nice if we were older
and we didn't have to wait so long