went to this bar Tuesday with Ingmare. Ryan popped up out of nowhere
D. Scott was there for a sec
some lady was looking for fresh young lads to be on some show.
open bar
sweaty pits
tuesdays are "skate night" so they had this product toss
after open bar we hit up the bodega for some cheep ones
cigarette surgery
a lot more people were here than i had expected
okay, so here's what really happened:
we're trying to find this bar and i stop to ask this lady where it is, then i notice she's crying so i
just walk away. then as i'm walking away she runs up to Ingmare and kicks him in the nuts and
she's like "you don't laugh at crying girls" or something like that. then she runs off. so then i
chase after her and i'm like trying to not let her run into the street or whatever. then like a few
minutes later some guy runs up and pushes me like "hey, she's my girlfriend blah blah blah" and
i'm like "well how come you didn't stop her before." so then we're like arguing or whateves and
then he grabs me and stuff then we start fighting
i actually think this is the funniest thing. i kept yelling "my hat is still white!" but now that i recall i
handed my hat to Ingmare at the beginning
heading for Happy Endings
this is the guy thats on Ingmare's shirt. i'm starting to not want to post photos,
especially after Peter posts his photos because it seems repetitive
there were these weird shower rooms in the basement of the
bar. even though they're random, i really like the way these
photos came out.
i was dancing with this woman for a bit and she was telling me
how she likes photographers and stuff like that and then i'm like
"yeah" and she's like "yea, my husband's a photographer, he's
right here. take a photo of us"
on the way home we ran into Rodney
the 80's are back . . .
and this time i've got pubes!