i went to the new TF again. i would go more often if i had more time and i weren't so tired from work and what not

and your name is
i didn't bring my flashes or anything because i knew i had to leave early for work and i
figured nobody would do anything i'd wanna take a photo of
hey Derick!
i noticed that the gate to the entrance wasn't locked and not too long after i started skating Kevin,
Dan, and Tony were trying to ollie the double-set (four flat seven)
i'm pretty sure you've seen all this crap already from this perspective
i took a bunch of photos but Dan's was the only one that came out good even though
Kevin was the only one to land it. everyone else just got hurt
in between the TF sesh, there was a Wendy's sesh.
i'll spare you most of the details by simply saying that we're not allowed back in there
Gary's got some new tat's
i left the TF early with Reg and Shawn because i had work. i made up some excuse not to go
and ended up just lurking the streets for the rest of the night though.