Photo - Gregg Cook
photo - Gregg C.
quite an impression
going nowhere i got to run
caring is creepy
they're only words and words can't kill me
can you tell me where you got that fancy soup
lost your only chance
for the right price i would give everything
i decided not to
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
somewhat of a travesty
don't even think about it
roam if you want to
i learned fast to keep my head up
time on me is wasted time
i'm not the only one with time to kill
they can't find us for the moment
you're a pretty girl
run to danger end up nowhere
nothing in particular
just pretend that nothing ever happened
no flaws to find
i've lost you
why do you wanna give me the runaround
friday's giving birth to saturday
maybe i'm more clever than i thought i thought
a never ending trip to nowhere
mary comfortable
i'll be in the lobby drinking for two
you say i'm hurt so i'll take your word
swimming in a sea of anarchy
the wind keeps blowing me around in circles
a thousand different versions of yourself
i believe in truth though i lie a lot
who shut off the luck
talkin trash under your breath
ask me why and i'll die
i've made a mess of my life
jesus told me to cut every corner
our hearts pump dust
if i'm lost, its only for a little while
that's that and this is this
are you the culture of me
she says will you be coming home
fork in the road
i wish you would have said something
she's a sensation
more than happy to
it's gruesome
words which could only be your own
Jah Jah B.
Amy G.
looking for some nightlife
all the feelings gone but you're still here
art school
you haven't changed an ounce in my eyes
is this fooling anyone else
shut the fuck up and learn to buck up
jesus christ was an only child
the clock will tick and it'll make you sick
i want you to want me
didn't i see you dying
i just wanna be a hart throb