wish i would have stayed with you
i quietly tied all my guts into knots
Kady F.
i must have been dreamin, but i wasn't sleepin
you're hardly trying
give em all the slip
don't promise it's chance
only window shoppin and strictly no sale
Iven Smith
a free ride when you're already late
Reg Dupree and Kady F.
remind me to remember what you told me
don't hate her when she gets you up to leave
do you find this happens all the time
here between awake and sleep
it started out with a kiss how did it end up like this
John P.
looks fun now but i don't remember
i don't expect a thing from you at all
pretend you know what you're doing
i dream that i dream that i dream
let me tell you about the end of the beginning
Kid Fresh
Kevin Tierny and Peter Sidlauskas
waiting till the winter dies
you brought my good sense back through the window
waiting for a year and a day
Joe Incze
you drown in a pool of wet dreams
she comes and she leaves when i'm dreamin
she told me she came from tomorrow
excuse me to busy
All I Do
hot rod
Tui Tekaaho
you're too good for a man like me
i guess i sort of lied when i said it's not that bad
Keisha E.
Reg Dupree
it won't be soon before long
i'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours
lost your only chance
don't go chasing waterfalls
do you mean that every time
untie me i've said no vows
the way you taste makes me wanna clear my throat
ladies night
i went to the ocean while it was snowing
i say the things that i know that you like
you're so cute when you're sedated
i can't help to be scared of it all sometime
do you remember the way it was before
her pretty face is just for show
there's nothing here to be into
don't believe everything that you breathe
i am listening to hear where you are
they say that you're mistaken
shave your face with some mace in the dark
Derrick Smith
S. Dot
never gonna be the same again
should i even mention
the rise and fall of Patrick Murray
you're always so far away
she took her things and left
Nadine M.
I will win you will lose
have you ever been all messed up
smile like the sun, kisses for everyone
Hot Crew and Peter Giang
Hood by Air
another day or so they say
Derick Ziemkiewicz
Jeff Palmer
they spilled beer on jesus
when you look at me i wonder who you see
sequential order
break out the conciliation prizes
Danny Santiago
this stopped making sense way before you came around
where do all the young folks gather
i'm everywhere you ain't never there
who wants to pay a million bucks to suck
you can't buy no respect like the librarian said
put a smile on your face
if these walls could talk they'd probably still ignore me
it seems alright as long as somethings happening
Matt R.
sometimes i'm quiet and sometimes you're not quiet
smiling in my direction
nothing other than what you're used to