back to the future
is it true what they say
the worst is to come
things start ripping at the seams now
rain on me
it's only awful as the hell that you know
put the kind words to bed
Gavin S. and Jah Jah
find another place to play
that's all you can do about some things
you wasted life why wouldn't you waste death
out of the bedroom into the streets
words lost their meaning
the place where the antelope never roam
down to the general store for nothing specific
maybe we can make this work
words were at a loss
it's all they want
you haven't laughed since january
i've got better things to do so i'll start drinking
if my times up then please don't wake me
deuces wild
it's not really cold when it snows
precious metals and rose petals
can't do it not even if sober
we were just politely drinking
dinners are much stranger now
it's cheaper to plead guilty
i'll keep an open mind if you let me in
i might have not have reminded you to feel
what's with all those troubles on my mind
haven't you noticed
an inch is a mile is a day
never gonna dance again
years come and go and they drift like snow
trailer park bike racing
i'm barely alive
all we have is suga free
thinking on my feet
but i remember
you lay there so still
put on the dress that i like
i needn't tell you how my days begin
just don't stay too long
dj Stareyes & dj Jubilee