who knows what tomorrows gonna bring
day to day
king of the eyesores
get a little bit closer
i wonder if i understand
one-hour photo
you asked me to waste some time
nothing seems to phase you
gotta get paid
bring it in
with a soda for the ride
calm before the storm
walking will get you nowhere
i'm barely listening
always late
i changed my plans
skies should be filled with light
everything was exactly how it seemed
take off your shoes
are we the dining dead
times have changed
one-hour photo 2
sun shines below us
one day i'll be on time
one-hour photo 3
my knees were trying to reach you
what's with all the changes
one-hour photo 4
i saved all my breath for the sails
one-hour photo 5
creep through the streets in the night
one-hour photo 6
bring on the burden
best of the rest
come outside and play
makin jokes and killin folks
one-hour photo 7
one-hour photo 8
hunger pains
pay the man
all in the mix
one-hour photo 9
the color of envy
take a walk
one-hour photo 10
point and shoot
here and there
one-hour photo 12
light up the night
bright as day
along the trail
loser and a winner
skate for the bunny
taking care of business
not just another drop in the ocean
the city's alright at night
it's pretty in here
one-hour photo 13
free ride
settle down
one-hour photo 14
i know i'm unlovable
pick up those dancing shoes
listen to the distance between us
get your pink slip
i hope we laugh all day
beautiful only slightly mental
one-hour photo 15
word will travel oh so quickly
stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time
just can't fake it
hurrying along
drifting off to sleep
no one ever calls in
Katelyn Faylor
i hope i've got enough to give
Joseph Carbone
a hustle here and a hustle there
let's go where we're wanted
one way street
nothing for me until tomorrow morning
try to manipulate the light
searching for freedom
time lapse
now i look a fool
never what you had in mind
high above the ground
i'm gonna make somebody love me
go back to whence you came
go skateboarding
caught in the middle
i can't seem to take you anywhere
you're already yesterday's news
today, the same as yesterday
celebrate good times
voices slip through the cracks
write or wrong
one-Hour Photo 16
rush rush
sleepless nights
late shift
all that hard work
mind the gap
too much in love
i used to dream
false advertisement
eye of the storm
isle of lost dreams
endless miles away
is it a crime
taking what's there
dodging lights
i'll take your word for it
i'll believe in anything
long way home
water under the bridge
night mission impossable
run-on sentences
orange juice and drunk
don't get sick
they never do
stick to the story
a checkup for your brain
back ta da banks
just to get by
license to ill
wake me when we're there
you say our life will be the death of you
lookin for some trouble
you probably thought i had more upstairs
why do they gotta front
free admission to the exhibition
why should i lie about results
play the ones we all know the best
distant as ever
not a thing like me
moving right along
i know just where i stand
dreams about somewhere far away
i'm everywhere you go
that's about all i've got to give
street level
down but not out
i talk about it talk about it
bring on the dancing horses
plays like winter all the time
it's a movie without lights
tripping over mountains
they say that you're mistaken
keep up with the times
i'm not interested in breaking your heart
police report
wait around awhile
it's nothing like that
she thought it was an answer to the fashion blues
we'd like to see you try
spanish bombs
probably most definitely
Roxy Hurtado
always my first choice
maybe that didn't really happen
Darnell Scott
trouble is my middle name
changing places same faces
try to understand
nothing i can tell you
good and bad news in the same sentence
stick to it
i've said some of these things twice
what's it to you
do you see what i hear
today i know what to do but i don't know what for
keep on walking
i'm so bummed but you seem to be just fine
it's almost a trap
you look rich but you're talkin cheap
steamy windows when we met
back to the future