went to Ja's the other night

Yago got a new tat

Max got a black eye

zero film

Ja's wife


went to the new TF the other day, but apparently there are days when it's closed to skateboarders.
Billy had lil kids setting up completes to give away for the contest that's going down soon

since the new TF was closed i was forced to lurk at the old TF

Gall and Manny

i thought this dude got deported but apparently it was only for like a week so it was whatevs

P dot was there pushin around


Alex was in on the drink sesh

gettin in touch with nature

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . nature

apparently this little boy wondered off in the park and these two girls found him and are keeping him as a pet

BK and his setup

Kerrel came through and was handing out hella oranges

Ben Goof skates

we were lurking at this spot for a second but some randoms were whispering about trying to tax Ben's cam so we dipped

we hit this up for a sec. Alex did the cleanup work

P dot was gettin gnar

rolled my ankle at this spot so i was done for the day which actually didn't turn out to be very good so it didn't matter

no loot

i caught A. Blevins at Tompkins on my way back to Union so he came along for the night sesh

recognize this bro?

this was the situation at the spot. mad heads were there

Cheeto's board got later'd (yea, i said it)

you've always been the teachers pet